Introduction of the blogger behind the blog

The mastermind of this blog is an anime maniac, a fan of Sherlock Holmes and Shinichi Kudo, noob computer programmer, frustrated disk jockey, amateur graphic designer, trying hard web designer, search engine/social media student, self-proclaimed entrepreneur and happy online earner. He loves computer related stuffs like network configuration, hardware issue and simple online promotions. His career doesn’t end there as he begins studying free/open source application because its more interesting. Lastly, a follower of Dr. House! 😛

Regie and Regiekun History

Regie Bueno is an IT enthusiasts from the home of the biggest bell in Asia, the cleanest town of Panay. He has been blogging since 2008 using free blog platforms like blogger, WP and others. Not until, Regiekun is born online through the help of my finest graphic and web developer idol, Pennfolio of whom donated the domain and free hosting. The domain name Regiekun obviously comes from the blog owner first name followed by the Japanese term “Kun” which means brother. Thank Penn. :)

Other Stuffs

The blog owner is a sport fanatic. He used to run 100m dash during high-school competition and loves to play basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball and other ball games in the wonderland. HAHA. LOL.

Revised 2/12/2012

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